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Zhejiang Benle Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and research and development of trace elements. It is the enterprise that realizes the large-scale production of feed grade zinc sulfate. It is the drafting unit of the national standard of feed additive zinc sulfate. The enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality. Management system certification and FAMI-QS certification. Now he has won the honorary titles of Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Key Agricultural Leading Enterprise, Zhejiang Agricultural Science and Technology R&D Center and National High-tech Enterprise.

The reduced zinc sulfate (BIO ZINC), feed grade zinc sulphate and livestock and poultry complex trace elements developed by the company are in the leading position in the country in both production and sales. In particular, BIO ZINC products are jointly researched by the company and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Zhejiang University. They are characterized by non-deliquescent oxidation, effective protection of vitamins, ferrous iron and other raw materials, and no oxidant residues. The products have been verified in the actual production of many well-known large-scale feed and premix enterprises in China, and have been fully recognized by the market.

The company has been established for more than 20 years and has accumulated over 100 million yuan of assets. The factory building covers an area of ​​nearly 70 acres. It has an annual output of 30,000 tons of “BIO ZINC” and 30,000 tons of fully automatic compound trace element additives. production line.

The company's existing professional R & D team and sales team, the company's business development for the country, with more than 300 customers, with the company's further deepening reform and strengthening the organization system, the company is moving forward to achieve the goal of sustainable development for 128 years.


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